Fin-Tech Investments, Major Importance for the Financial Sector

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Fin-Tech-Investments-Major-Importance-for-the-Financial-Sector.jpgLuxembourg represents one of the most important European economies for the establishment of an investment fund, due to a solid legislation and an advantageous taxation system. The economy of the local market is mainly comprised of financial services, and fund domiciliation is one of the main pillars in this sense. Recently, a study carried out by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry revealed that the state can become an important player for the domiciliation of the financial and technology businesses (generally referred to as fin-tech industry) set up as funds. Persons interested in opening a fund in Luxembourg in this field can receive assistance on this matter from our team of financial specialists

Projections for the fin-tech industry in Luxembourg 

According to the study “How can FinTech Facilitate Fund Distribution”, carried out by the above mentioned institution, the financial sector available in Luxembourg can be further improved if the local authorities create the environment for setting up these types of funds, which can provide a flourishing industry here, as well as in other states. At the moment, the fin-tech industry started to draw attention, as more countries have observed its growth potential. 
The study mentioned that the fin-tech industry can reshape the way in which investment models are carried out at the moment, as the domain provides flourishing opportunities for investors; our team of financial experts can offer more details in this sense. 


Fin-tech fund management in Luxembourg 

It is considered that Luxembourg has major advantages in rethinking the asset management in a way that it will generate the optimum economic results in the field of fin-tech. Asset management companies in Luxembourg will provide marketing strategies created in accordance with the characteristics of the investors in this field. 
The study revealed that the management companies will adapt fast to a modern way of conducting businesses, including the usage of social media channels. 
Persons interested in receiving further information on the fin-tech investments in Luxembourg can address to our team of financial agents for assistance


  • Denise 2016-05-16

    I know that for several years now, the fin-tech industry has become more and more appealing to foreign investors, due to the large number of projects which have a great potential on various markets.

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