Key Aspects of the Investment Market in Luxembourg

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Key-Aspects-of-the-Investment-Market-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is the most important financial market available of the European economy. Financial services represent one of the main providers of Gross Domestic Product for the local economy and foreign investors can benefit from a very well developed legal framework, regulating the activity of the businesses set up in this domain. Our team of financial specialists can offer details on the key aspects of the investment market available in Luxembourg

Details about the Luxembourg’s economy 

Those who are seeking an investment location in Europe can analyse the business opportunities which can arise in Luxembourg, the most competitive market in the European Union, according to the information provided by the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (at the level of 2015). 
Luxembourg is an attractive location for foreigners, not only for business purposes, but also for relocation and employment. A particularity of the country is that 46% of its population is represented by foreigners. Another important aspect is that 71% of the active population of the country is comprised by foreign nationals
The government deficit in Luxembourg is situated only at 0,6%, whereas the EU’s threshold is 3%. At the same time, the country is AAA rated by the main credit rating agencies; our team of financial experts can offer more details in this sense.

Investments in Luxembourg – relevant aspects  

When referring to the financial field in Luxembourg, foreign businessmen should know that this sector is comprised of the following services: 
insurance market;
securities listings.
Investments are sustained by the local government, which, during the years 2009 – 2015, provided a total financial aid of EUR 402,7 million, granted through the Ministry of Economy, which provided financial aid to 663 investment projects
One prolific investment activity which is of interest in Luxembourg is represented by the fintech companies (businesses with activities in the financial and technology field). In this sense, Luxembourg, which is a small country, has more than 2,000 companies carrying business activities in the field of information and communication technology
Luxembourg is also the main investment fund centre in Europe and second, on a worldwide level, accounting for EUR 3,5 trillion in assets under management. 
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    I also consider that the best investment market available in EU is Luxembourg.

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