Luxembourg: 1st Rank on Economic Resilience Index

Written by: Bridgewest

Luxembourg-1st-Rank-on-Economic-Resilience-Index.jpgLuxembourg is the top investment centre in Europe and its quality has been stated in various studies and analyses referring to its investment framework. A study referring to the economic resilience (or supply - chain resilience) placed Luxembourg on the first place in the 2016 Resilience Index. The resilience of the supply-chain represents one of the main concerns of businesses, but it is important to know that Luxembourg provides a high level of expertise in this sense. Our team of financial specialists can offer an in-depth presentation on the most suitable ways to invest on the local market. 

Resilience index 2016   

Supply-chain risks refer to any type of risks which can occur during the business operations of a company, carrying out activities in the country of incorporation or elsewhere. The resilience index analyses the economic resilience of 130 economies in order to establish a clear image which can be of use for investors who are seeking an investment location
The study was conducted following three main categories: 
economic factors;
risk quality factors;
supply - chain factors. 
The countries are ranked on a point based system, where 0 represents the lowest resilience, and 100, the highest. Luxembourg obtained 100 points in terms of economic factors and 92 points for supply-chain factors; our team of financial consultants can offer more details on the study. 

Supply-chain risk management in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg offers top quality services in terms of supply-chain risk, by applying numerous management procedures which can turn the risks of a company in competitive strategies
The supply-chain risk management refers to a practice of assessing the risks incurred by a company which can lead to an issue of the supply-chain that will affect the company’s operations. There is no formal definition of the supply risk, as this can be established in accordance with the characteristics of each company. 
Investors interested in receiving more details on the Luxembourg’s economic resilience can address to our financial experts for assistance. 


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