Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Part of the Climate Bonds Initiative

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Luxembourg-Stock-Exchange-Part-of-the-Climate-Bonds-Initiative.jpgLuxembourg, which is the most important financial market established in the European Union, has made another step to further develop its financial perspectives. The leading stock exchange for bond listing at an international level, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, has recently become a partner of the Climate Bonds Initiative. Our team of financial experts can provide an extensive presentation on the main effects expected by Luxembourg under this new partnership. 

Green economy framework in Luxembourg 

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) initiated the Green Bond market in 2007, when it listed the first bond of this kind on the European Investment Market. The purpose of this type of investment bonds is to make a transition to an economy based on a low carbon emission. 
In 2016, the LuxSE listed the 100th Green Bond and it is important to know that Luxembourg owns a 50% share of the Green Bonds issued at an international level; our team of financial specialists can offer more details on the financial aspects of this type of bonds.


The Climate Bond Initiative in Luxembourg 

The Climate Bond Initiative was created by foreign investors who were focused on non-profit investments. The program is addressed to investments in sectors which are searching for climate solutions. At the same time, the green investments are trying to find viable solutions applicable to a certain economic sector, but also to national programs. 
A representative of the LuxSe institution mentioned that this type of investment is only in its infancy stage at the moment, which will further develop in such a way that will influence in a positive manner the capital markets
The institution, together with the Climate Bonds program, aims at developing a standardized approach for the establishment of the green bonds in other financial markets
Investors who are interested in the characteristics of the Green Bonds and their effects on international economies can address to our team of financial consultants, who can provide assistance on the way in which they can be invested. 


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