The Main Reasons to Invest in Luxembourg

Written by: Bridgewest

The-Main-Reasons-to-Invest-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is considered the main financial market in Europe. One of the main reasons for which the state has this status is the fact that the local economy is mainly based on financial services. Investors who are searching for a stable and efficient market where they can set up their businesses should also know that Luxembourg was the first state which introduced the investments funds on the local market. Our team of financial experts can provide assistance on the main aspects which turned Luxembourg in one of the most important locations for financial activities at an international level.

1. International financial hub 

At the moment, Luxembourg represents the leading financial centre set up in the European Union (EU). Since it has already created an attractive market, investors from around the world are attracted to this location to establish businesses, often represented by investment funds. With an extensive expertise in various financial services, Luxembourg has become an international financial hub, where companies are set up as banks, insurance companies, wealth management institutions and many others. 

2. Innovative market 

The investors who want to set up a fund in Luxembourg should know that the country is interested in innovative products and services. Recently, Luxembourg listed the first Green Bond ever issued at a worldwide level, sustaining green investments that are expected to have a real impact on various economies. At the same time, Luxembourg welcomes tech innovative companies; our team of financial specialists can offer more details on this matter. 

3. Stable economy 

When choosing a location for an investment fund, businessmen should study the factors referring to the stability of that particular economy. Luxembourg has a very stable economy which was maintained over the years, and it is important to know that its economic growth is above the European Union’s values. 

4. A wide variety of investment funds 

Those who want to invest in an investment fund have a wide variety to choose from. Investors can establish undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), which comply with the EU’s directives.
Another way to invest on the local market is through alternative investment funds that can be set up as real estate investment funds or hedge funds
Businessmen interested in receiving more details about the main reasons for which Luxembourg is a suitable location to start an investment fund can address to our financial consultants for assistance.


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