WEF: Luxembourg, on the First Place for Political and Regulatory Framework

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WEF-Luxembourg-on-the-First-Place-for-Political-and-Regulatory-Framework.jpgLuxembourg represents a top destination for foreign investors, as it has one of the most solid financial markets set up in the European Union (EU), but also on a global level. The latest data presented at the World Economic Forum is showing that the business conditions available here are improving in key fields; our team of financial experts can provide assistance on the main characteristics of the local financial market.


Pillars of the WEF study 

The state is an investment hub situated at the heart of the European Union, as a consequence of several key indicators. The study carried out by the World Economic Forum (WEF) presents important information referring to Luxembourg, such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), set out at US $57,4 billion, while the GDP per capita is established at US $ 101,994.09. 
The WEF study took into consideration the following pillars: 
political and regulatory framework;
business and innovation environment;
infrastructure and digital content;
individual usage;
governmental usage;
economic impacts;
social impacts. 
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Luxembourg performance in the WEF study  

Entrepreneurs interested to set up a financial company or an investment fund in Luxembourg, have a solid legal framework which can ease their access on the local market. Moreover, the state provides various incentives set out in accordance with the investment fund opened by the businessmen. 
It is important to know that Luxembourg ranks as the 9th economy on the WEF study, maintaining the same position it had at the previous edition of the index; still, the study has revealed that this position is improving. 
The state marked important developments in some of the above mentioned pillars. 
In the case of the political and regulatory framework pillar, Luxembourg is now ranking on the 1st position, while for the individual usage, the country is on the second place. 
Another pillar in which Luxembourg made important improvements is the affordability index, due to a decrease in the mobile phone tariffs. 
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  • Denise 2016-07-19

    I am not surprised to see that Luxembourg has these results. I am sure other points mentioned in the article will present better results in the following years.

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