Luxembourg, a Top Destination for e-Businesses

Written by: Bridgewest

Luxembourg-a-Top-Destination-for-e-Businesses.pngThe small state of Luxembourg provides large business opportunities in many economic sectors. The state is the most representative economy for fund domiciliation, a top destination for financial companies and an attractive location for e-businesses, which are experiencing a growing trend around the world. 

Main facilities for e-businesses in Luxembourg 

Businessmen interested in opening a fund in Luxembourg can easily invest in the financial sector or in the internet and telecommunication (IT) field, which is now one of the most profitable fields. One of the main advantages of an e-business is that it addresses to a larger consumer market than the one established in the home country. As the internet services have become accessible to both urban and rural areas across the world, the consumer market to which a company can address to has rapidly expanded. 
A businessmen seeking for a location to start a company in the online environment should take into consideration the following aspects: 
internet connectivity (Luxembourg provides secure fibre optic links connecting the main online traffic centres, such as London, Bruxelles or Paris);
bandwidth (the state offers access to 100 Mbps links, as well as to 1 Gbps ultra-high bandwidth). 
The country also provides the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange, which offers high capacity lines.


The main types of e-business available in Luxembourg 

Foreign investors should know that, at the moment, the most successful e-businesses set up here are the following:
distribution of digital content, such as: music, games, e-books and others;
companies providing electronic data archive services;
online sales;
communications services;
cloud services;
electronic payments. 
Another way to start a business here is by accessing the financial market, which provides a quarter of the Gross Domestic Product in Luxembourg. Investors can set their operations in fields such as banking or insurance and our team of financial consultants can provide assistance to those who are interested in asset protection. This can be performed through a private wealth management company
Investors interested in receiving more details on the economic framework available in Luxembourg can contact our experts.


  • Paul 2016-08-26

    I am sure that the state offers some of the best internet services, which are absolutely necessary for any type of e-business.

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