Luxembourg, Top Investment Destination for Space Industry

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Luxembourg-Top-Investment-Destination-for-Space-Industry.jpgInvestors interested in space industry have many business opportunities in Luxembourg, which is one of the most important markets in Europe for this domain. Luxembourg’s authorities have recently announced that they will invest a total sum of EUR 200 million in companies that carry out activities in the space field. Businessmen interested in investing in a company related to this industry can receive assistance on this matter from our team of experts

Investments in Luxembourg’s space industry  

The project launched by Luxembourg will provide an initial investment of EUR 200 million in companies which provide research facilities or technology demonstrations. At the same time, the local authorities will also be involved in the direct purchase of equity in foreign companies relocating here. 
At the moment, two American companies have already set up their financial operations in Luxembourg, as the local government announced that the sum of EUR 200 million represents only a part of the total investment, showing that this field is of high importance for the state. 
The sum will be used to cover the initial costs referring to space mining activities
Furthermore, the local authorities also declared that, by the end of the year, they will enact the Luxembourg Space Act, a document that will offer protection for the companies involved in space mining activities. Such companies will be allowed to exploit for financial benefits the space materials taken from different space objects; our team of financial representatives can offer more details on how to invest here. 


Luxembourg Space Act  

Although other states are also implementing similar legislations, the one that will be enacted in Luxembourg is different, in the sense that the document allows the incorporation of foreign companies, with foreign ownership, on the local market.
The local authorities are also saying that the state will soon become one of the world’s top locations for space related companies
Businessmen interested in receiving further details on the how to register a company in this field can address to our team of financial consultants


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    I believe that the space industry is just at the beginning of its development, in the sense of space mining activities.

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