Main Industries to Invest in Luxembourg

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Main-industries-to-Invest-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is one of the main economies favorable for the domiciliation of an investment fund. Foreign investors have many business opportunities available in Luxembourg, which are sustained by an attractive taxation and legal system. Those who want to invest on the local market can set up different types of funds, which are available to various categories of investors. Our team of financial experts can provide assistance on the main industries in which foreign businessmen can invest in and can also offer support for the incorporation of an investment fund here. 

Invest in the financial field in Luxembourg 

One of the main reasons for which foreign investors are drawn on the local market is that, at the moment, the European state is the leading economy for fund domiciliation (and the second on a worldwide level, after the United States of America). One of the main investment fields available here is the financial sector, which is a top pillar for the local economy, since it represents a quarter from the Luxembourg’s Gross Domestic Product

Invest in the audio-visual production in Luxembourg 

Although most of the investors are not familiar with this, Luxembourg represents a top destination when referring to the audio-visual industry. Recently, the state became the location of many movie productions which received international prizes. The local market also provides high-quality telecommunications services; our specialists can provide more details on how to invest in this field. 

Invest in the internet and communications technology field 

Internet and communications technology (ICT) represents at the moment one of the most attractive investment fields, as the domain has rapidly developed in the last decades. Investors who want to set up a fund in Luxembourg in this industry should know that the following services represent the main ICT activities available here: 
distributing digital content (video, audio, games);
storing digital information;
online sales;
communication services; 
online payments;
cloud services. 
Investors interested in receiving advice on how to invest in the Luxembourg’s main economic fields can address to our financial consultants


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