Luxembourg, a Top Centre for Wealth Management

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Luxembourg-a-Top-Centre-for-Wealth-Management.jpgIn terms of financial services, Luxembourg is a top destination at the European level, as well as the international level. The range of financial services available on this market can satisfy the needs of any type of investors and, from a legal point of view, the financial industry is very well regulated, protecting both the companies operating in this domain, as well as the investors and the final customers. One of the main financial services available on this market refers to wealth management, which is comprised of a series of services, such as investment advice or tax planning and our team of financial experts can offer an in-depth presentation on the main aspects referring to this. 

 What is wealth management?  

Wealth management in Luxembourg is made out of a set of services, usually referring to investment advice, which can be recommended for retirement planning, investment in real estate, taxation or accounting services and other. Such services are performed by a wealth manager who has to represent the best interest of his or her clients, who are usually high net worth persons

Aspects referring to wealth management in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg represents a top economy for wealth management services as it provides them at a cross-border level. Luxembourg’s economy was awarded with the AAA credit rating by reputable rating agencies, which is the highest index depicting a very solid economy. 
Foreign investors who are interested to choose a location in which they can set up an investment fund must know that the wealth management system available here provides a top investment strategy and a great financial model, which has been adopted by other developed economies, members of the EU and our team of financial representatives can provide more details on the overall regulations available for the industry. 
Furthermore, the financial sector in Luxembourg is regulated by two main institutions, the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) and the Insurance Commission, which enable laws offering a high level of protection for both local and foreign investors. 
Investors who need to receive further information on the wealth management services available in Luxembourg are invited to contact our team of financial consultants.  


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