Advantages of Investing in Luxembourg Funds

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Advantages-of-Investing-in-Luxembourg-Funds.jpgBeing one of the largest investment markets available in Europe, Luxembourg provides numerous advantages for opening investment funds here. Businessmen interested in wealth management in Luxembourg or in performing insurance activities here should know that the country represents one of the largest markets at a global level for captive reinsurance, which refers to the fact that investors acting as insurers may purchase insurance, a method that has as a main advantage that fact that it spreads the risks associated with the field. Our financial representatives can offer in-depth advice on this procedure, as well as on other characteristics of the investment market available here. 

Insurance sector in Luxembourg  

The insurance sector represents one of the most important sub-fields of the financial market in which foreign investors may set up their investments
As mentioned above, reinsurance plays a major role in the insurance activities carried out there. Foreign businessmen who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg or an investment company should also know that this economic sector is represented by 220 reinsurance companies. At the level of 2014, the reinsurance companies issued insurance services in a total amount of EUR 9.3 billion and our team of financial agents can offer advice on the main types of insurance products available in this country.
One of the main economic effects of such activities refers to the fact that the generated income is used as a means for performing public and private investments

Users of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Foreign businessmen who are interested in opening a fund such as the SIF in Luxembourg or other type of business structure can register their company on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LSE). The provisions may vary depeding on the type of fund chosen for incorporation. 
In 2015, 69% of the debt issued by financial corporations in Luxembourg (amounting for EUR 944 billion) was set up through bonds.  
At the same time, it is important to know that non-financial corporations can also benefit from the services provided by LSE. In 2015, the top non-financial companies issuing bonds on the LSE operated in the following sectors:
service sector;
utilities industry;
manufacturing sector. 
Businessmen can address to our financial consultants for more details on the main advantages of investing on the Luxembourg market. Our representatives can provide further assistance on other related topics, such as the registration of an investment fund, the taxation scheme applicable in a particular case or the capital requirements established for various types of vehicles.  


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