House of Entrepreneurship to be Launched in Luxembourg

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House-of-Entrepreneurship-to-be-Launched-in-Luxembourg.jpgThe investment environment in Luxembourg is sustained through various governmental policies and programmes. The local Chamber of Commerce, alongside with the Ministry of Economy, launched a new programme to sustain investments in Luxembourg. The programme, named the House of Entrepreneurship, is comprised of business specialists who can provide their advice to other entrepreneurs or managers representing businesses in Luxembourg. Our team of financial experts can provide assistance to the investors who are interested in this programme. 

Services provided by the House of Entrepreneurship 

The entity aims at increasing the competitiveness of the commercial companies set up here. The specialists can assist investors on a wide range of business matters, as well as on the legislation applicable in Luxembourg
The institution can also offer its services to those who want to access funding projects in Luxembourg. In this sense, the representatives of the institution can act as a third party between the entrepreneurs and investors in Luxembourg, under the “Business Angel Network” programme. 
Another programme with similar facilities is the “Business Creation, Development and Takeover Days”. 
Companies registered as foundations can also benefit from the services provided by the House of Entrepreneurship, as there are projects aiming to sustain businesses which have a social impact. 
It is important to know that the services that are offered through the House of Entrepreneurship are available for both local and foreign investors. The institution is incorporated to provide one-stop-shop services to the investors, which means that they can receive support from the local authorities for numerous aspects which might appear during the life of a company. Investors can find out more on this subject from our team of financial representatives in Luxembourg

Why invest in Luxembourg?  

Luxembourg provides one of the most solid financial markets in Europe. Those who want to register an investment fund in Luxembourg can rely on a complex legal framework, favourable to foreign investments
Moreover, the local market allows the incorporation of a wide range of investment funds, addressed to various types of investors. 
Investors can choose to incorporate an alternative investment fund, which can be set up for different business purposes. 
Investment funds in Luxembourg can be registered as umbrella-funds, providing the opportunity of carrying several investment strategies at the same time. 
We invite businessmen to contact our team of financial consultants for more details. 


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