Investment Trends for Funds in Luxembourg

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A recent study on the Luxembourg investment funds (Investment Funds in Luxembourg – A Technical Guide) analyzed the business opportunities and the trends that are expected to occur in the following five years. In the next years, the value of the assets under management (AUM) held by funds registered in Luxembourg will increase by 4-5%. The growth rate will be determined by the need of long-term savings, amongst numerous other reasons and our team of financial representatives may offer more details on the advantages available for those who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg

Reasons for AUM growth rate in Luxembourg 

The growth rate of the AUM held by Luxembourg funds will also be influenced by the rise of the middle class citizens living in emerging economies, as well as on the financial responsibility of the individuals who want to invest in their pension schemes. Luxembourg is characterized by a highly developed market in this sense, and both local and foreign citizens may use the life insurance contract as a tool for investment purposes
At the same time, foreigners may request services for wealth management in Luxembourg, which refers at the legal framework through which personal assets can increase their value. Wealth management services may be influenced on a positive manner by the rise of investments in digital technologies in the next five years. 
It is expected that the asset management field to further develop its expertise level, which will have a positive effect on the AUM growth. Our team of financial advisors may provide more details on the regulations concerning the asset management activities in this jurisdiction. 

What is AUM in Luxembourg? 

The AUM refers to the total market value of the assets managed by an investment company or other type of financial institution on behalf of an investor. The AUM takes into consideration various types of financial assets, such as bank deposits or cash, and it is computed on a national level by including the assets of all types of investment funds registered here; businessmen may contact our team of financial consultants for further information on this subject.
Our representatives can assist with in-depth details on the investment law available for foreign entities. 


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    At a personal level, I have a strong confidence on the investment legislation available in this country. I believe that the local institutions will always have a suitable approach on any changes this market may face.

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