Italian Investments on the Luxembourg Financial Market

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The investment relations between Italy and Luxembourg are very solid for certain financial activities. Italian investors interested in wealth management in Luxembourg should know that this sector is very well represented by Italian companies operating on this market, as well as on other financial sectors,such as investment funds, banking or insurance. Our team of financial representatives can offer in-depth information on the main types of financial activities developed by Italian investment companies

Italian investment activities in Luxembourg  

The Luxembourg financial market is attractive to Italian investors and numerous investment activities are developed here. The entrepreneurs who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the country is the world’s leading jurisdiction for sustainable finance. Such investment activities are carried out through the Luxembourg Green Exchange platform, on which Italian investors have already invested in green bondsOur team of financial agents can offer financial assistance on the main characteristics of green bonds, as well as on the requirements imposed when investing in sustainable finance in Luxembourg
At the moment, Luxembourg has 10 Italian banks and numerous fund platforms represented by Italian fund managers
Foreign businessmen can set up a SIF in Luxembourg or UCITS structures and it is important to know that the latter, alongside with alternative investment funds, held total assets of EUR 350 billion managed by the Italian asset managers (at the level of December 2016). 
Italy is also one of the leading jurisdictions (the 8th economy) for listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, being represented by 234 Italian issuers

Italy’s ranking on investments in Luxembourg 

Italy is one of the key partners of Luxembourg for investment purposes. This is sustained by the fact that Italian fund promoters represent the top 5th nationality for asset under management held in funds registered in Luxembourg; at the level of July 2017, the value of assets under management held by Italian promoters had a total value of EUR 313,5 billion. In terms of fund distribution, Italy is the 8th main investor in this country. Italian businessmen can contact our team of financial consultants for more details on the agremeents established between the two countries. 


  • Ellen 2017-12-19

    I had no idea that Italian investors are so well represented on the Luxembourg market. It looks like their activity is quite impressive!

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