Luxembourg, a model-economy for its neighbours

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Luxembourg-a-model-economy-for-its-neighbours.pngLuxembourg is a top investment location. It provides a solid financial market and a wide range of investment tools and, at the same time, Luxembourg represents the first economy which created an investment fund. Another major reason for why investors should open an investment fund here refers to the fact that the Grand Duchy is a trusted model for the surrounding countries, represented by powerful economies in Europe. Businessmen may find out more details on this subject from our team of financial experts

Luxembourg, an example for its neighbours  

The citizens of the Luxembourg’s neighbours, which are France, Belgium and Germany, responded to the “Grand Duchy through its neighbour eyes” study, in which they presented their views on the economic and social aspects available in Luxembourg
An important aspect revealed by the study is that Luxembourg represents a model-economy for its neighbours, which reflects a high quality on the effectiveness of the legal and tax framework available here. 
Entrepreneurs who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg can rely on a very solid legal system.  
In this sense, the study provides that 84% of the respondents (comprised of 1,300 persons) said that Luxembourg is a well-managed country, while 82% consider that the local population has a high quality of life. 
The study addresses the issue of taxation (applicable to personal taxation) and it is important to know that 75% of the Belgian respondents considered that their authorities should implement tax systems available in Luxembourg
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Investment opportunities in Luxembourg  

According to the findings of the study, 65% of the respondents declared that Luxembourg represents a driving force in the region, which can have a positive impact on the countries involved in the study. 
Those who want to open a Luxembourg fund must know that the study also states that 60% of the respondents consider that the Grand Duchy has a friendly attitude towards foreign investors
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  • Alice 2016-10-31

    This is an important study and I am happy to know that the neighbours have good opinions on our economy.

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