Luxembourg, a Top Location for Insurance Companies

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Luxembourg has 88 insurance companies and 216 reinsurance companies. Moreover, the country is the home of several companies operating in this field, which are tax residents outside the European Union (EU). Following the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the EU, other insurance companies decided to relocate their activities here, as this country offers a high level of economic stability and a suitable legislation available for this sector, as well as for those who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg. Our team of financial agents can offer advice on the tax regulations applicable to insurance companies operating on this market. 

Reasons for investing in Luxembourg  

Foreign insurance companies, as well as global insurers, relocated their activities in Luxembourg due to a set of reasons, as follows: 
proximity to customers;
access to talent;
commitment to the EU principles;
contact with the international business market
Luxembourg is also a top market for investments in the field of fintech and innovation, which are crucial activities for the financial sector in this country. Our team of financial specialists can offer further information on these sectors. 
More importantly, the jurisdiction is also one of the most important destinations for investment fund management. Foreign companies operating in the insurance sector can benefit from the skills of the local workforce, who can also provide services related to the wealth management in Luxembourg

Financial regulator in Luxembourg  

Foreign companies providing services in the insurance sector have also opted for Luxembourg because the local regulator on insurance matters, the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA), provides a high level of expertise and a responsive approach to the needs of insurers
Another important aspect that was relevant for foreign companies was the language in which they can address their inquiries to the local authorities. Foreign companies can file their documents in English, which is one of the main corporate languages used by international businesses. 
Foreign businessmen can address to our team of financial consultants for in-depth information on how to invest in the insurance sector in Luxembourg.  


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