Luxembourg-EIB Climate Finance Platform to Invest EUR 5 Million in Green for Growth Fund

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The Luxembourg - EIB (European Investment Bank) Climate Finance Platform will perform its first investment in green techonology. The EUR 5 million investment will sustain energy efficiency and renewable energy development projects in the Middle East and North Africa regions, known as MENA region
The investment will be carried out through the Green for Growth Fund, which will invest this sum of money in order to reduce the carbon emissions to a level of 35,000 metric tonnes and obtain energy savings of 125,000 MWh. Our team of financial representatives can provide in-depth assistance on the main projects carried out through the Green for Growth Fund, as well as on the regulations for opening an investment fund in Luxembourg.

Investment projects through Luxembourg -EIB platform 

The above mentioned investment project begun as an initiative between the Government of Luxembourg and the EIB. The Luxembourg - EIB Climate Finance Platform will invest in the Green for Growth Fund (GGF) EUR 5 million in C shares. The C shares refer to a class of mutual funds in which the investors plan to hold the respective shares for a period of minimum one year, at the end of which they may sell them. It is important to know that the C shares class have lower expenses than the B shares class. Our team of financial representatives can provide more information on the classes of shares available for investment funds

Investments in the GGF 

Through this platform, investors will be able to perform investments in projects which have a high impact on environmental matters. The GGF was chosen as partner in this projects due to its strong commitment to other types of green investments, through which small and medium sized companies were helped in investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy
GGF also has an intensive experience in financing investment projects related to the green energy in low and middle income jurisdictions.
The Minister for the Environment in Luxembourg declared that such projects need an innovative approach in order to reach the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.  
Luxembourg is one of the top financial centers at a European level, as well as at a global level. Foreign businessmen usually choose this market for setting up an investment fund, but also for services related to wealth management in Luxembourg
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of financial consultants for in-depth advice on the investments in green projects developed here.  


  • Beatrice 2018-01-15

    I do hope that these types of investments will have a positive impact on the goals established under the Paris Agreement.

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