Luxembourg, the Leading Economy for Financial Activities in Europe

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Luxembourg-the-Leading-Economy-for-Financial-Activities-in-Europe.jpgForeign businessmen interested in opening a SICAR in Luxembourg or another investment vehicle are advised to choose this jurisdiction, as it provides the top framework at a European level for performing financial activities. At the moment, 27% of the investment funds incorporated in Europe are registered in Luxembourg and most of the investments carried out here are performed by foreign investors. Our team of financial representatives can offer in-depth assistance on the taxation system applicable to investment funds in Luxembourg

Investment funds in Luxembourg 

The jurisdiction provides an attractive environment for businessmen who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg. It is important to know that Luxembourg has a total number of 4,111 investment funds and 14,595 fund units. At the level of 2016, the Luxembourg investment funds held EUR 3.7 trillion in net assets. Our team of financial consultants can provide financial advice when investing in this jurisdiction.  
Businessmen interested in wealth management in Luxembourg can benefit from an attractive taxation scheme and numerous other incentives. In this sense, an important aspect refers to the fact that 75% of the income deriving from financial activities is generated by the operations carried out by foreign businessmen; 42% of the investments carried out in Luxembourg are performed by investors who are tax residents of countries situated outside the European Union.
At the level of 2016, the funds domiciled in Luxembourg invested in the Euro region a total sum of EUR 1,4422 billion, and most of the investments were being performed through bonds and debt instruments

Main investment activities in Luxembourg  

Foreign investors may start their investment operations through a SIF in Luxembourg or another type of investment vehicle. However, it is recommended to study the characteristics of the local financial market, which is represented by the following types of investments
capital markets;
Investment funds domiciled in Luxembourg can also register their activities in other European countries. At the level of 2015, the top countries in this sense were the following: 
United Kingdom;
the Netherlands. 
Investors may find out further information on the above mentioned aspects from our team of financial agents


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