Luxembourg, the World’s Second Largest Centre for Investment Funds

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Luxembourg-the-World’s-Second-Largest-Centre-for-Investment-Fund.pngLuxembourg provides the most attractive market for the domiciliation of an investment fund, as the country is the world’s second largest centre for investments vehicles. Luxembourg offers top services and a solid legislation for the administration of an investment vehicle, as well as for private banking. Our team of financial consultants in Luxembourg can assist foreign investors with more details related to the registration of one of the investment vehicles available under the applicable legislation. 

Main financial services available in Luxembourg   

Luxembourg is the largest economy in Europe in terms of investment funds. The country acts as a main provider of services for countries situated in Asia, Middle East or South America. The local market offers a wide range of varied services and investment fields, such as insurance and reinsurance, a domain in which Luxembourg has gained important expertise. Foreign investors can open an insurance contract in Luxembourg, which can be used as a tool for investing in this country. At the same time, investors can benefit from various types of wealth management services in Luxembourg
Some of the key points of the local economy are the following: 
multicultural workforce;
highly trained workforce;
a stable entity from a political point of view;
stable social environment;
stable economic environment;
strong legal background, protecting the rights of the local and foreign investors
Foreign investors who are interested in opening an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the legal system available here was created in order to promote foreign direct investments, as well as to protect the investors’ interests on the local market. At the same time, the state provides a solid regulatory framework for money laundering procedures and our team of financial experts in Luxembourg can offer more details in this sense. 

Types of structures available in Luxembourg  

Luxembourg legislation addresses the needs of all type of investors who want to set up a Luxembourg fund and thus, businessmen can set up here the following structures: 
alternative investment funds;
venture capital funds;
pension funds;
specialised investment funds;
Businessmen interested in finding more information on the financial sectors available in Luxembourg are invited to contact our team of financial specialists


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    Luxembourg should be the first choice of the investors who are interested in the financial field.

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