Chinese Investments in Luxembourg

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Memorandum-of-Understanding-signed-between-Luxembourg-and-China.jpgThe representatives of Luxembourg and China have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to further develop their bilateral cooperation. In this particular case, the Memorandum established a legal framework for the digitalization of financial services. Investors interested in setting up an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the two jurisdictions have a very stable cooperation in the field of financial services; our team of financial representatives can offer more details on the regulations available for Chinese investors interested in wealth management in this country. 

Chinese investments in Luxembourg 

The small state of Luxembourg represents one of the top destinations for investment purposes performed by Chinese investors who are searching for a suitable European market. One of the main reasons related to the development of the investment activities of the Chinese businessmen refers to the bilateral relations developed over the years by the representatives of the two states. 
It is important to know that Luxembourg stands out as a European and international financial hub, due to the flexible regulations applicable to the investment vehicles available in this country. For example, foreign investors can have numerous business opportunities through the UCITS (undertakings in collective investments and transferable securities) vehicle. 
The Luxembourg legislation for investment vehicles allows investors to sell their funds across the world, and not just in the jurisdiction in which the fund was registered. Our team of financial agents can provide further information on the main advantages of the UCITS legislation

Chinese banks in Luxembourg  

Investors interested in financial activities can set up numerous types of investment vehicles in this country. One of the ways to start an investment is by setting up a SICAR in Luxembourg, a vehicle created for private equity investments
At the moment, numerous Chinese banks have set their operations in Luxembourg. Several Chinese banks chose Luxembourg for setting up their headquarters, while other banks received banking licenses from the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier), the main institution which regulates the financial sector in this country. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of financial consultants for more details on the bilateral relations between China and Luxembourg


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    If China chose Luxembourg from all other top investment jurisdiction in Europe, it means that the local investment vehicles or the investment legislation are rather advantageous.

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