Partnership on Financial Services Between Luxembourg and South Korea

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Partnership-on-Financial-Services-Between-Luxembourg-and-South-Korea.jpgLuxembourg and South Korea entered into a partnership agreement on financial services, as the relations between the two states for this economic activity are very well developed. Luxembourg aims at helping the South Korean market in becoming a leading financial center in its region. Also, Luxembourg is interested in becoming the main market accessed by Korean funds that will invest in EuropeOur team of financial representatives can assist with more information on the available regulations established between the two jurisdictions.

Luxembourg funds in South Korea 

Luxembourg domiciled funds are very active on the South Korean market. From the entire number of foreign funds distributed in South Korea, 92% of the admitted funds are represented by funds registered in Luxembourg
Through Luxembourg for Finance, the main agency responsible for the development of the financial market, the country entered a new partnership agreement signed with the metropolitan government in Seoul

Why invest in Luxembourg? 

Foreign investors can use Luxembourg as a platform for distributing funds on the European market, as this country is one of the leading financial centers at a global level. Investors who want to open a fund in Luxembourg can easily invest on the local market, as they can benefit from a suitable legislative framework. Luxembourg also represents the main private banking center established at the level of the Eurozone, offering flexibility in terms of the vehicles that can be set up here. Our team of financial advisors may offer advice on the investment structures provided under the Luxembourg law
Foreign investors can set up UCITS structures and SIF in Luxembourg, and the local legislation allows the passport of funds in the EU region
The investment legislation applicable here offers the possibility of setting up umbrella funds, which are created with the purpose of setting up multiple compartments within a fund. This regulation provides the possibility of carrying multiple investment strategies at the same time, thus increasing the return on investment
Please contact our team of financial consultants for in-depth information on the investment partnerships signed by the Luxembourg authorities.  


  • Annabell 2017-11-23

    Luxembourg is indeed one of the top players in this field and I assume that there are even more opportunities for further development.

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