Productivity in Luxembourg, the Highest at a Global Level

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Productivity-in-Luxembourg-the-Highest-at-a-Global-Level.jpgForeign investors who are interested in opening an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the country reported the highest productivity level registered at a global scale. Productivity is measured as fraction between the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the overall number of hours worked on an annual basis by all the persons employed in the local economy. Our team of financial consultants can offer more details on the investment funds available in Luxembourg.  

Productivity – definition  

Businessmen interested to set up a Luxembourg fund will also need to hire employees from the local workforce to perform various functions within the company. Thus, investors should also be interested in the productivity levels registered here. 
According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the level of productivity is measured taking into account two variables: the local GDP and the hours worked by the employees. Our team of financial experts can offer more information on the requirements related to the registration of a Luxembourg fund.  

Levels of productivity in Luxembourg 

In Luxembourg, the level of productivity increased at the level of 2015, compared to the previous years. 
If in 2012, the overall level of productivity was situated at 97.2, in 2013 it increased up to 100.2. 
The latest data on this subject is showing a record level of 103.1. 
In this sense, we mention that Luxembourg represents a competitive employment market, as more and more foreigners are searching for employment opportunities here. 

Luxembourg, a suitable environment for family companies  

In terms of productivity, Luxembourg ranks as the first economy in a study conducted by the German Centre for European Economic Research
The study was focused on the investment opportunities available for family companies and took into consideration relevant economic and financial aspects, such as the taxation system, the legal system, financing or productivity
It measured the above mentioned criteria for family businesses which had an annual turnover of minimum EUR 100 million. Depending on the investment policies foreigners will want to follow when setting up an investment fund here, they could set up a SICAV or SICAR structure
Investors are invited to contact our team of financial representatives for more information on the investment vehicles available in Luxembourg


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    Well, Luxembourg has one of the most reliable legal systems, so I suppose this is a natural consequence.

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