Record Increase for Luxembourg Funds in 2017

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Record-Increase-for-Luxembourg-Funds-in-2017.jpgWealth management in Luxembourg and the investments performed through investment vehicles represent top activities carried out in the financial sector. Since the beginning of 2017, the value of the investment funds registered in Luxembourg increased by 7.9%, reaching a record value (for net sales). Our team of financial agents can offer information on the legislative framework available in Luxembourg and can advise foreign businessmen with details on the types of funds that may be set up here. 

Top investment activities in Luxembourg in 2017    

Since the beginning of the year, the funds registered an increase for the assets under management held by the Luxembourg vehicles. Investors who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the highest growth rates were observed for the following:
undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS funds);
alternative investment funds (increase measured in terms of assets under management);
private equity;
investments in the real estate. 
The increase of the assets under management held by local funds is a direct indicator that the investors trust the local market. 


Investment market in Luxembourg 

Foreign businessmen can set up a wide range of funds, including the SIF in Luxembourg, as this jurisdiction is one of the most developed at a global level. Luxembourg represents the largest investment center where businessmen opt to set up a fund, after the United States. 
At the moment, the local market has more than 4,100 funds, experiencing an important development in the last decade.  
In the last ten years (2017 included), the value of assets under management of the Luxembourg funds increased at a rapid pace. If in 2007, the total value was estimated at EUR 1,6 trillion, in 2017, the total amount of the assets under management is above EUR 4 trillion. In 2016, the fund’s assets under management had an annual growth rate of 5.56%. 
Businessmen can contact our team of financial consultants for further information on this subject.  


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    This was a very good information! I am thinking about investing in a European country and now I am studying the legal frameworks in certain jurisdictions, including Luxembourg.

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