The First Global Blockchain Transaction, Performed in Luxembourg

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The-First-Global-Blockchain-Transaction-Performed-in-Luxembourg.jpgThe first global blockchain transaction was perfomerd through a fund in Luxembourg, and the investors purchased shares for the fund through this new technology. Businessmen interested in wealth management in Luxembourg should know that the transaction was established through the FundsDLT, a blockchain fund distribution platform available for fund managers. Blockchain designates a type of financial transaction available for various types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Our team of financial representatives can provide in-depth advice on the regulations referring to this new type of transaction

Blockchain transactions in Luxembourg 

The blockchain transaction marked a new era for those who want to establish an investment fund in Luxembourg, addressing to the fintech industry and the investments which are performed through investment vehicles set up in this field of activity. 
The blockchain platform is the result of the collaboration of several reputed financial companies, including a subsidiary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. However, it is important to mention that the transaction was completed for purchasing shares in the fund by using real cash and our team of financial consultants can offer more details on this type of transaction

The advantages of the FundsDLT in Luxembourg  

The main purpose of the platform is to provide assistance to fund managers who can sell funds through a new form of distribution channel. One of the main advantages of the blockchain transaction is that the fund managers can reduce the costs associated with this operation, as well as the period in which such transactions can be completed. 
The model used by the blockchain platform provides standard procedures that enable a high level of security. Investors interested in starting a SIF in Luxembourg or another type of investment vehicle may be able to use the plaform, as it is addresed to numerous types of funds, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they are registered.  
Luxembourg is rapidly increasing the access to digitalized technologies, being the leading European investment fund centre and one of the top jurisdictions for financial technology, including fintech companies and fintech transactions and our team of financial experts can offer further information on the main advantages of investing in this country. 


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    Hello, I read today a part of the articles presented on the website and I want to say that they made a clear image on the investment funds available in this country.

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