The First Sovereign Green Bond Listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

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The-First-Sovereign-Green-Bond-Listed-on-the-Luxembourg-Stock-Exchange.jpgForeign investors who are interested in setting up an investment fund in Luxembourg can benefit from the advantages provided by the investment vehicles available here. Luxembourg represents a top destination for investment purposes, as it provides one of the most reliable financial centres in the world. An important aspect related to the financial market in Luxembourg refers to the fact that, recently, the first sovereign green bond was listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Our team of financial experts can offer more details on the green bonds listed on the local market. 

Luxembourg Stock Exchange  

The entrepreneurs who want to register an investment vehicle in Luxembourg should know that the country represents a leading centre for climate finance
Poland, the country which issued the first sovereign green bond, chose to list it on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE). The green bond has an overall value of EUR 750 million and it will also be listed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)
LGX was launched in Luxembourg in September 2016 and it represents the first platform in the world which has as main object of activity the green securities. LGX is a platform which provides investment opportunities to both local and foreign investors operating with green bonds
A representative of the Polish state declared that the country chose to invest on the LuxSE because the stock exchange represents one of the best markets for international bonds. At the same time, the representative mentioned that LuxSE is an innovative structure, which created new investment opportunities through the green bond. Our team of financial agents may provide more details on how to register on the LuxSE
Foreign investors can set up numerous types of Luxembourg funds, such as the SICAF or the SICAV.  

The usage of the sovereign green bonds 

The green bonds were introduced in order to conduct investment strategies, taking into account the global challenges related to the main climate changes, which will have a powerful impact on numerous economies and financial markets. Businessmen who want to invest in Luxembourg can also perform this action through green bonds
The sovereign green bonds will be used for the following: 
renewable energy;
clean transportation;
sustainable agriculture;
protecting national parks. 
Investors should know that green bonds are exempted from taxation. 
Foreign investors are invited to contact our team of financial representatives for more detail on the sovereign green bonds


  • Ben 2017-01-11

    I applaud this initiative as the investors accross the world are sending a clear image: investments can have positive financial effects by taking into account the responsibility we have on climate matters.

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