What are the Main Advantages of Investing in Luxembourg?

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What-are-the-Main-Advantages-of-Investing-in-Luxembourg.jpgBeing the country where the first investment fund was set up, Luxembourg provides numerous incentives for investing in this country. The regulations for opening an investment fund in Luxembourg are varied, offering numerous types of investment vehicles available to a wide category of investors. In terms of business competitiveness, Luxembourg stands out as the first European economy offering a solid regulatory and taxation regime. Our team of financial representatives can help investors with in-depth advice on the taxation regulations applicable to investment vehicles

Wealth management in Luxembourg 

Foreigners can benefit from a tax friendly regime that could help them manage their personal assets in a profitable manner. One of the manners through which personal assets can increase their value is by wealth management in Luxembourg, which is usually completed by registering a wealth management company (SPF)

Insurance and pension funds in Luxembourg 

The field of insurance is very well developed in this country, registering approximately 100 insurance companies. Luxembourg is one of the top European countries, being known as a centre for the distribution of both life and non-life insurance products, following the European Union’s regulations.
The life insurance contract can be used as an investment tool and all types of insurance activities in Luxembourg are highly supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances, to ensure a high level of quality for the products sold on the local market. Our team of financial agents can provide in-depth information on how to choose a suitable insurance plan, in accordance with the needs of the applicant.


Flexible regulations for investment funds in Luxembourg 

Since the registration of the first investment fund, which took place in 1959, the investment regulations have developed in accordance with the needs of the increasing investment market. At the moment, investors may set up a wide category of funds, including the SIF in Luxembourg or the alternative investment funds (AIFs)
AIFs and undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) benefit from the European passport, offering numerous advantages to investors interested in performing investment activities at the level of EU
Businessmen may find out other important information on the investment law applicable here from our team of financial consultants. Please contact our experts for advice on this matter.  


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