RAIF, a New Investment Tool in Luxembourg

RAIF, a New Investment Tool in Luxembourg

Updated on Monday 25th July 2016

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RAIF-a-New-investment-Tool-in-Luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg, the home of the investment fund industry and one of the most solid financial markets in the world, introduced a new type of investment tool. The local government has recently approved the legislation referring to the reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF), which will be established as a type of fund available for foreign investors and foreign asset managers. Our team of financial experts can offer assistance on the main advantages offered by the new fund

The key points of RAIF in Luxembourg 

The reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF) is established under the regulations applied by the alternative fund managers directive (AIFMD). 
One of the main advantages of the RAIF will be the flexibility given to the investors and that means that they will not be required to receive the approval of the relevant institution, nor will they need supervision from such institutions. 
However, the RAIF will provide security to the local investors through the legislation available under the AIFMD. The legislation is also applicable to the foreign investors.
Because the fund is regulated by the AIFMD, the investors can benefit from the stipulations applicable to alternative investment managers, referring to the marketing passports
The RAIF is also established under the legislation applicable to special investment funds (SIF). An important aspect is that the fund can be fully operational in a matter of days; our team of financial specialists can offer an in-depth presentation on this new type of fund


Alternative fund managers directive (AIFMD) in Luxembourg 

The alternative fund managers directive (AIFMD) is one of the most important regulations issued by the European Union and it regulates the non-UCITS funds, regardless of their incorporation place
The alternative fund managers that possess assets with a value above EUR 100 million have to obtain an authorization from the member states in which they are incorporated. The marketing passport refers to the fact that funds operating under the AIFMD can operate in other European countries. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the reserved alternative investment fund can address to our financial consultants


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