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financial services in Luxembourg.jpgOur specialists in Luxembourg provide a wide range of legal and financial services for local and foreign individuals and companies interested in setting up investment funds and other types of businesses in this country. Additionally, we represent our clients in cases of litigation in front of the local courts, in all the stages of a lawsuit.

We present you the main services offered to our clients:

Wealth Management in Luxembourg

This service is specially designed for international businessmen handling complex businesses in many countries and operating with large amounts of money. In order to manage their wealth, they can set up a SPF (société de participations financières), also known as a wealth management company, and benefit from a special tax regime. Our financial specialists may also help you with wealth planning and opening two types of entities related to this objective:  SOPARFI and SPF.

Asset protection in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers important means for asset protection as it is one of the most important financial hubs in Europe. The individuals and companies interested in asset protection should know they can benefit from the favorable taxation system and the legal solutions offered by specialists in this field from Hance Law. They will help you invest your assets in order to grow your revenue on a medium and long term.

Open SPF in Luxembourg

Foreign investors can open a SPF (société de participations financières) in Luxembourg in order to manage their wealth, but they are not allowed to perform any commercial activity through this type of entity. They can only buy, sell, hold or manage different types of financial assets and will benefit from exemption from paying the corporate tax, the municipal business tax and the net wealth tax. The owner of a SPF must pay an annual tax of 0.25% on the amount of the paid-up capital and the share premiums.

Establish SIF in Luxembourg

The Specialized Investment Fund (SIF) in Luxembourg can hold different types of assets, such as: hedge funds, real estate, bonds, securities etc. This type of entity is a flexible one that offers a very good taxation regime for investors. The SIF can be incorporated as a common fund known as FCP (fonds commun de placement) or investment company (SICAV or SICAF). This type of fund must be managed by another entity because it doesn’t have legal personality. The shareholders of a SIF must have a minimum capital share of EUR 1,250,000. The annual subscription tax for this type of fund is 0.01% of the net asset value.

Open a SICAR

Our financial specialists in Luxembourg help you open a SICAR (société d'investissement en capital à risqué) that is an investment company in risk capital. This type of company is suitable for private equity and venture capital investment and it can act as an umbrella company, holding many sub-funds. The shares of a SICAR can be listed on the Stock Exchange under certain conditions. For more details, you may contact our lawyers in Luxembourg.

Set up SICAV

SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) is used as an investment company with variable capital and it is a type of UCI (Luxembourg investment fund). Each of its sub-funds must have a different investment policy and the minimum capital share for opening a SICAV is EUR 1,250,000. The activity of every SICAV is monitored by CSSF (Commission du Surveillance du Secteur Financier)

Establish SICAF

SICAF is also known as the investment company with fixed capital and it can be used in order to open an undertaking for collective investments in Luxembourg. The minimum capital share required is of 1,250,000 euro and this amount must be deposited within six months from the incorporation. After opening this type of fund, you will need the approval of the supervisory authority CSSF.

The investors who choose to open a SICAF can benefit from tax exemptions, such as for income tax, net wealth tax and VAT.

Setting up UCI and UCITS

In Luxembourg, you have the possibility to set up a UCI (undertaking for collective investment) that is a type of investment fund opened in order to obtain income from multiple investments and UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable shares) – special funds for investing different types of liquid financial assets.  

Private equity

If you are interested in private equity in Luxembourg, our financial specialists will offer you professional advice about the regulated (SICAR and SIF) and non-regulated (SOPARFI) types of structures you may open.

Company formation

Our lawyers in Luxembourg help foreign investors open different types of companies available in this country, such as:

-    joint stock company (SA),
-    limited liability company (SARL),
-    partnership (SNC),
-    limited partnership (SCS or SCA),
-    the cooperative company (SC) etc.


Our law firm in Luxembourg may represent you during all the stages of a litigation, in all local courts in Luxembourg.

For details about the services, you may contact our local office.


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