Wealth Management in Luxembourg

Wealth Management in Luxembourg

Updated on Monday 10th October 2016

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wealth management in luxembourg.jpgLuxembourg is known as one of the most important wealth management centers in Europe and it has been attracting international businessmen from all over the world. The financial experts specialized in wealth management in Luxembourg provide a wide range of services for international clients handling complex businesses in several countries and large amounts of money.

It is an important connection between the wealth management services and investment funds available in Luxembourg. Our experts in Luxembourg, specialized in different types of investment funds and wealth management services, can explain to you how you can administer and invest your money in order to protect and raise your wealth.

Special tax regime for SPF

One of the most common forms of wealth management in Luxembourg is SPF (Société de gestion de patrimoine familial), known as the wealth management company. This type of company benefits from a special tax regime applicable to entities that are incorporated in order to manage the private wealth and have this unique objective. This type of company is permitted to acquire, hold and manage financial instruments, money and assets.

It is an investment company that manages the wealth of individuals on behalf of them and it is incorporated according to the EU rules. The SPF is not allowed to perform any commercial activity and it is exempted from certain taxes. In order to find out more details about the taxation of a SPF, you may contact our financial specialists in Luxembourg.  

Wealth planning in Luxembourg

If you are interested in wealth planning, there are two types of structures that may help you in this respect and protect your assets: SOPARFI (société de participations financières) and the aforementioned SPF (Société de gestion de patrimoine familial).

The SOPARFI has the main purpose of optimizing the management of a group of companies and it can benefit from double tax treaties.

Luxembourg is a trustful location for wealth management as it is in the top 10 largest financial markets in the world and it offers a stable business environment, international financial specialists, a high skilled workforce and favorable taxation regime. It is also well-known for its social and political stability, having a strategic position at the core of Europe.

For more details about the wealth management services in this country, you may contact our financial specialists in Luxembourg.




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