Withholding Taxes for UCIs

Withholding Taxes for UCIs

Updated on Thursday 25th January 2018

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Withholding-Taxes-for-UCIs.pngUndertakings for collective investments (UCI) in Luxembourg are subjected to paying the withholding tax. However, this regulation is applicable in accordance with the type of UCI the investors want to establish. Our team of financial specialists can provide an in-depth presentation on the main withholding taxes applicable to UCIs in Luxembourg

Types of withholding taxes applicable to UCIs in Luxembourg 

Those who want to open a fund set up as an UCI should know that such funds are subjected to withholding taxes on the income received. 
This type of tax is non-refundable (but several exceptions may apply), but in the situation of UCIs established as SICAVs, that is a type of investment company, the investors can benefit from the stipulations of the double taxation treaties signed by Luxembourg. However, this can be applied only in the situation in which Luxembourg signed an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with the country in which the investor is a tax resident. 
The following video provides information on the withholding taxes available for UCIs in Luxembourg:

It is important to know that UCIs set up as investment partnership do not fall under the tax regulation applicable to SICAVs
As a general rule, UCIs are not required to pay a withholding tax on the dividends; our team of financial experts in Luxembourg can offer more details on these taxes. The regulation referring to the non-compliance of UCIs for the withholding tax on dividends is applicable under the EU Savings Directive.  

Obtain refunds on withholding tax in Luxembourg 

Investors who own an UCI fund in Luxembourg can also claim a refund for the withholding tax in several situations. The refund on the withholding tax is applicable only for the dividend taxation. This can be achieved only if the European Court of Justice has decided that the taxation was discriminatory. 
Several European countries have already created a legal system in which investors can file claims referring to the application of the withholding tax.  
Investors who are interested in receiving more details on the level of withholding taxes applicable to UCI funds in Luxembourg can address to our team of financial consultants


  • Jane 2016-06-30

    Hello! I'd like to know more on the way I can obtain a refund for the withholding tax. Thank you.

    Hello, you can send your request via e-mail at office@startluxembourgfund.com and one of our specialists will answer you. 

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