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The Goals of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers Founded by Luxembourg


Luxembourg has recently become a founding member of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC). The WAIFC was officially presented on 12th of July 2018 in Paris and was launched on 1st of October 2018. The main purpose for which the alliance was set up is to promote economic growth, but also to act as a funding source for those who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg or elsewhere. For those who want to invest in Luxembourgour team of financial consultants can assist with advice on the investment regulations that are applicable here.  

Luxembourg, the EU's Second Financial Center


Luxembourg is now the second financial center at the level of the European Union (EU), as presented by the New Financial International Financial Centers Index edition. Investors who are interested in opening a Luxembourg fund must also know that the country stands out as the 3rd global financial center (after the United States of America and the United Kingdom). Our team of financial advisors can provide in-depth advice on the investment legislation addressed to foreign businessmen. 

Authorization Procedure of Luxembourg SIFs


In order to open an investment fund in Luxembourg that operates as a specialized investment fund (SIF), it is necessary to obtain an approval from the Commission du Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). This is prescribed under the Article 42 of the Law of 13 February 2007 on Specialized Investment Funds and our team of financial consultants can assist foreign investors on the registration procedure. 

How to Obtain Authorization for an UCI in Luxembourg


Foreign investors setting up an undertaking for collective investments (UCIhave to obtain authorization for this type of fund, prior to starting the investment activities in Luxembourg. The fund has to be authorized by the Commission du Surveillance du Secteur Financer (CSSF), the main institution which regulates and monitors the activity of any type of vehicle registered in this country. Our team of financial agents can provide in-depth assistance on the procedure, as well as on the main documents that have to be submitted with the institution. 

Green Bond Channel to Connect Investors From Luxembourg and China


Chinese investors who are taking into consideration opening an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the two countries have established a new business cooperation, by launching the Green Bond Channel, set up by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Luxembourg is one of the leading jurisdictions for green bonds and our team of financial specialists can offer assistance on the rules of law regulating this new investment sector

Luxembourg, the First Country to Create a Legal Framework for Green Covered Bonds


Luxembourg has recently become the first country at a global level to create a legal framework regulating green covered bonds. The legislation became applicable starting with 1st of July 2018 and it addresses the needs of those who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg concluding investments in the field of renewable energies

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Funds in Luxembourg


Investors who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg can set up socially responsible investment (SRI) vehicles, which refer to structures that are set up for investing in specific fields. As a general rule, such investments avoid certain business sectors, such as gambling, alcohol or tobacco and they are usually set up to conduct activities related to social justice or environmental sustainability. At the same time, they may also be registered for the promotion of sustainable technologies and alternative energy. Our team of financial representatives can provide in-depth assistance on the main fields in which SRIs can invest in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Part of a Global Strategy for Promoting Green and Sustainable Finance


The representatives of Luxembourg, alongside with other important homologous from countries performing activities in the field of finance, met in April 2017, in Milan, Italy, to discuss the strategies for the development of green and sustainable finance. The meeting gathered other 16 financial centers, observers and partner organizations to establish an action plan regarding sustainable finance, which is seen as one of the key drivers of the global capital marketsOur team of financial specialists can provide in-depth information on the available legislation in Luxembourg which promotes green and sustainable investment activities

Regulations on the Shareholders of a SPF in Luxembourg


Wealth management in Luxembourg is a developed field of activity. Wealth management services are delivered to high net worth persons who want to increase the value of their financial assets. In thise sense, businessmen may set up the family wealth management company (SPF), a vehicle through which is facilitated the administration and management of wealthOur team of financial representatives can advise on the main advantages of the SPF in Luxembourg, as well as on the legal entities under which the vehicle can operate in this country. 

Procedures for Setting up a SIF in Luxembourg


When opening an investment fund in Luxembourgspecial procedures have to be completed, depending on the type of vehicle that was chosen by the investors. The requirements can vary on capital matters and as well on the number and type of investors who can set up a vehicle in Luxembourg. In the case of a specialized investment fund (SIF), one of the main concerns of the investors should be to draft the SIF prospectus and, in this sense, it is recommended to receive assistance from professionals with an extensive activity in the financial sector. Foreign businessmen can also request advice and representation on this matter from our team of financial representatives

Incentives for Investment Funds in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is one of the most reputable destinations for setting up an investment fund or an investment company. These types of structures benefit from various incentives which are also addressed to foreign investors who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg. However, in order to qualify for the investment incentives offered by the local authorities, specific requirements have to be met. Our team of financial representatives can assist with in-depth advice on the available incentives for various types of structures, including for SICAR in Luxembourg and other investment vehicles.  

EU Recommendations for the Financial System in Luxembourg


The European Union’s High- Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (HLEG) published a report concerning the financial system observed at a European level. The study also focuses on sustainable finance and it issued specific recommendations regarding the development of the sustainable approach for the financial sector, which is seen as the key concept for long-term prosperity at the level of the European Union

Investment Trends for Funds in Luxembourg


A recent study on the Luxembourg investment funds (Investment Funds in Luxembourg - A Technical Guide) analyzed the business opportunities and the trends that are expected to occur in the following five years. In the next years, the value of the assets under management (AUM) held by funds registered in Luxembourg will increase by 4-5%. The growth rate will be determined by the need for long-term savings, amongst numerous other reasons and our team of financial representatives may offer more details on the advantages available for those who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg

Luxembourg-EIB Climate Finance Platform to Invest EUR 5 Million in Green for Growth Fund


The Luxembourg - EIB (European Investment Bank) Climate Finance Platform will perform its first investment in green techonology. The EUR 5 million investment will sustain energy efficiency and renewable energy development projects in the Middle East and North Africa regions, known as MENA region

Italian Investments on the Luxembourg Financial Market


The investment relations between Italy and Luxembourg are very solid for certain financial activities. Italian investors interested in wealth management in Luxembourg should know that this sector is very well represented by Italian companies operating on this market, as well as on other financial sectors,such as investment fundsbanking or insuranceOur team of financial representatives can offer in-depth information on the main types of financial activities developed by Italian investment companies

Luxembourg, a Top Location for Insurance Companies


Luxembourg has 88 insurance companies and 216 reinsurance companies. Moreover, the country is the home of several companies operating in this field, which are tax residents outside the European Union (EU). Following the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the EU, other insurance companies decided to relocate their activities here, as this country offers a high level of economic stability and a suitable legislation available for this sector, as well as for those who want to open an investment fund in LuxembourgOur team of financial agents can offer advice on the tax regulations applicable to insurance companies operating on this market. 

Partnership on Financial Services Between Luxembourg and South Korea


Luxembourg and South Korea entered into a partnership agreement on financial services, as the relations between the two states for this economic activity are very well developed. Luxembourg aims at helping the South Korean market in becoming a leading financial center in its region. Also, Luxembourg is interested in becoming the main market accessed by Korean funds that will invest in EuropeOur team of financial representatives can assist with more information on the available regulations established between the two jurisdictions.

Record Increase for Luxembourg Funds in 2017


Wealth management in Luxembourg and the investments performed through investment vehicles represent top activities carried out in the financial sector. Since the beginning of 2017, the value of the investment funds registered in Luxembourg increased by 7.9%, reaching a record value (for net sales). Our team of financial agents can offer information on the legislative framework available in Luxembourg and can advise foreign businessmen with details on the types of funds that may be set up here. 

Luxembourg, the Third Major European Financial Centre


Luxembourg was recenlty confirmed as one of the top European financial centres, according to the newest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI). The country occupies the third rank, offering an attractive financial market for businessmen who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg. The first two ranks were offered to the United Kingdom (London) and Germany (Frankfurt). At a global level, Luxembourg is rated as the 14th economy, improving its position by four places compared to the previous GFCI studyOur team of financial representatives can offer professional assistance on the main benefits investors can obtain while performing investment activities in this country. 

Standard&Poor's: Luxembourg Remains an "AAA" Economy


According to the data provided by the international rating agency Standard&Poor’s (S&P)Luxembourg maintains its status as an “AAA” economy. The economic growth of the country is estimated at 3,4% for the period of 2017 – 2020, due to a development of the consumption following the tax reform implemented in 2017, but also due to the increase of the financial sector, which is one of the top economic fields of the country. Investors interested in opening an investment fund in Luxembourg can benefit from a solid legislation in this field, as well as numerous tax advantages, which can be detailed by our team of financial experts

What are the Main Advantages of Investing in Luxembourg?


Being the country where the first investment fund was set upLuxembourg provides numerous incentives for investing in this country. The regulations for opening an investment fund in Luxembourg are varied, offering numerous types of investment vehicles available to a wide category of investors. In terms of business competitiveness, Luxembourg stands out as the first European economy offering a solid regulatory and taxation regime. Our team of financial representatives can help investors with in-depth advice on the taxation regulations applicable to investment vehicles

The First Global Blockchain Transaction, Performed in Luxembourg


The first global blockchain transaction was perfomerd through a fund in Luxembourg, and the investors purchased shares for the fund through this new technology. Businessmen interested in wealth management in Luxembourg should know that the transaction was established through the FundsDLT, a blockchain fund distribution platform available for fund managers. Blockchain designates a type of financial transaction available for various types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoinOur team of financial representatives can provide in-depth advice on the regulations referring to this new type of transaction

Advantages of Investing in Luxembourg Funds


Being one of the largest investment markets available in Europe, Luxembourg provides numerous advantages for opening investment funds here. Businessmen interested in wealth management in Luxembourg or in performing insurance activities here should know that the country represents one of the largest markets at a global level for captive reinsurance, which refers to the fact that investors acting as insurers may purchase insurance, a method that has as a main advantage that fact that it spreads the risks associated with the field. Our financial representatives can offer in-depth advice on this procedure, as well as on other characteristics of the investment market available here. 

The Main Activities of Luxembourg Investment Funds


There are numerous types of activities that can be carried out through an investment fund in Luxembourg, but the country is well-known for four major investment activities. The investment opportunities that can arise on the local market are available for both European investors, as well as businessmen located outside the European Union’s states. Our financial representatives can offer in-depth assistance on the main procedures related to the registration of an investment fund

Luxembourg, the Leading Economy for Financial Activities in Europe


Foreign businessmen interested in opening a SICAR in Luxembourg or another investment vehicle are advised to choose this jurisdiction, as it provides the top framework at a European level for performing financial activities. At the moment, 27% of the investment funds incorporated in Europe are registered in Luxembourg and most of the investments carried out here are performed by foreign investors. Our team of financial representatives can offer in-depth assistance on the taxation system applicable to investment funds in Luxembourg