Green Bond Channel to Connect Investors From Luxembourg and China

Written by: Editor

Chinese investors who are taking into consideration opening an investment fund in Luxembourg should know that the two countries have established a new business cooperation, by launching the Green Bond Channel, set up by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Luxembourg is one of the leading jurisdictions for green bonds and our team of financial specialists can offer assistance on the rules of law regulating this new investment sector

The purpose of the Green Bond Channel 

One of the main purposes of the Green Bond Channel is to act as an investment bridge, providing relevant assistance for the investments that are concluded between China and Europe
By increasing the visibility of the new investment platform, foreign investors can have better business prospects, while the issuers can establish a higher rate of investments as they can reach a wider category of investors. Our team of financial representatives can offer further information on this matter. 
Through the new channel, Chinese investors can trade listed green bonds on European markets
It is important to know that Luxembourg ranks amongst the top green financial centers at a global level, as stipulated by the Global Green Finance Index

Luxembourg, committed to sustainable investments 

Recently, Luxembourg organized the first edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum, which gathered parties from the European communities, interested in concluding sustainable investments
The main role of the forum is to tackle the manners through which policymakers can shift to a low-carbon economy. 
Luxembourg has also created a legislation that promotes the development of investments projects related to sustainable finance and it also signed an agreement with World Bank Group, created to further promote these types of projects in emerging economies. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of financial consultants for more details on how to start an investment fund in this country that performs investment activities in this sector.