Luxembourg, the EU's Second Financial Center

Written by: Editor

Luxembourg is now the second financial center at the level of the European Union (EU), as presented by the New Financial International Financial Centers Index edition. Investors who are interested in opening a Luxembourg fund must also know that the country stands out as the 3rd global financial center (after the United States of America and the United Kingdom). Our team of financial advisors can provide in-depth advice on the investment legislation addressed to foreign businessmen. 

Factors taken into consideration for computing Luxembourg’s latest ranking 

The New Financial International Financial Centers Index takes into consideration numerous factors for assessing the quality of a jurisdiction as a financial center. In this case, both quantitative and qualitative factors were considered. The study analyzed the activity of the country in terms of the local financial activities, but it also measured its international activities (quantitative factors). 
Besides these, foreign businessmen who want to open an investment fund in Luxembourg should also be interested in the qualitative factors of the country. In this sense, Luxembourg stands out as one of the most solid jurisdictions, ranking as the second country at a global level
According to the study, the qualitative factors refer to: 
political stability;
the quality of life;
human capital
The study has confirmed the fact that Luxembourg is an international financial center, due to the fact that the local investment funds and investment companies are interested in developing international relations in terms of financial services; at the same time, Luxembourg represents one of the most preferred jurisdictions of foreign investors for expanding on the European market and our team of financial consultants can assist on this matter. 

Luxembourg, 3rd global financial center 

According to a different study – the Global Financial Center Index 24, Luxembourg is also the 3rd global financial center; more importantly, the financial activities developed in Luxembourg are expected to grow in the near future
Due to the recent events related to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, numerous financial companies - such as insurance companies, banking institutions and others - have relocated their business activities in Luxembourg
Businessmen who want to start a company dealing with wealth management in Luxembourg, to register an investment fund here or to relocate a financial company, are invited to contact our team of financial representatives for advice on the procedures related to these investment options.