Life Insurance Contract as an Investment Tool in Luxembourg

Life Insurance Contract as an Investment Tool in Luxembourg

Updated on Tuesday 17th January 2023

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Life-Insurance-Contract-as-an-Investment-Tool-in-Luxembourg.jpgLife insurance contracts can be used as an investment tool by the foreign investors who are interested in maximizing the value of their investments. A life insurance contract in Luxembourg offers a set of financial advantages, which makes this type of contract one of the most preferred methods used by persons interested in wealth management. Our experts in Luxembourg can provide you with an in-depth presentation on the main benefits which derive from a life insurance policy

Life insurance contract in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is the most important state in Europe in terms of financial investments, as it has the most developed financial tools which can further increase the value of the assets of an investor; our financial consultants in Luxembourg can provide you with information on the main aspects of the financial market available here. 
Life insurance contracts in Luxembourg benefit of the most profitable taxation system, as they are not subjected to several taxes: 
premiums are tax free;
capital gains, which were incurred at the purchase or the maturity of the contract, are not taxed;
the capital sum which is paid by the insurance company at the death of the beneficiary is also not taxed. 
More details on the life insurance contract in Luxembourg are available in the video below:

A life insurance contract signed in Luxembourg respects the legislation available in the country of residence of the beneficiary. Such contracts are highly valued as an investment tool because they offer an elevated protection for the investor. Furthermore, the activity in the insurance field is supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances


Freedom of service in EU 

According to the European Life Assurance Directive, enforced in 1994, companies which provide insurance services are allowed to sell insurance contracts to citizens of other member-states of the European Union (EU); the companies are not obliged to establish a subsidiary in the state in which they want to sell their products. This provision is available under the Freedom of Service regime, which has the aim of establishing a single market in the field of insurance, available under the EU’s legal framework. 
If you need further information on the life insurance contracts in Luxembourg, please contact our financial representatives, who can offer you assistance on this matter. 
If you want to sign a life insurance contract in Luxembourg, we invite you to contact our team. You must know that you can also be represented in more complex legal procedures, such as is the registration of an investment fund. 
Our consultants can help you set up any of the investment vehicles available here, including the SIF in Luxembourg, a structure recommended to experienced investors. 
You can also obtain information and advice on the requirements you must comply with if you want to register a SICAR in Luxembourg
This investment fund must be approved by the CSSF and any modification that can be brought over the time to the fund (change of directors, for example) must be reported to the institution. This is a general requirement for all funds registered with the CSSF
Please contact us if you want to invest in Luxembourg through a holding. A structure that is suitable for this purpose is the SOPARFI in Luxembourg
This structure can benefit from an exemption on the payment of the withholding tax on dividends in certain situations. When the tax is applied, is charged at a rate of 15%. The SOPARFI must be incorporated as a legal entity. 
Another structure that can benefit from various tax exemptions is the RAIF in Luxembourg. The RAIF can be exempted from the payment of the corporate income tax when operating as a SIF
In this situation, the subscription tax will be charged at a rate of 0.01%, but if the fund will operate as a SICAR, the subscription tax will not be applied. Tax exemptions are available if the fund is incorporated as a special limited partnership.